CCTV Systems

2 Megapixel to 12 Megapixel CCTV Systems

Recording systems from 1 week to several months. Cloud services available.

24/7 Recording, with or without smart detection and app notifications.

We offer several detection options with CCTV including Garden and Perimeter

We specialise in Hikvision systems which are the market leader, all our systems are smart device enabled.

Alarm Systems

We install fully wireless systems and hard wired options. We specialise in Pyronix Systems which can be linked with Hikvision CCTV to offer a very effective solution.

All our alarm systems can be controlled via the app for monitoring, arming and disarming. Key fobs and key pads also allow full control over the system. All come with smart features such as panic alert.

The wireless systems have an extended battery life and are hassle free installations.

Detection Systems

We provide detection systems for any external and internal areas covered by CCTV and alarm systems. Using market leading technology, the CCTV is set up with virtual areas known as intrusion zones, the parameters of which are set up in the software. The purpose of setting up the intrusion zones is to give you not only peace of mind that vital areas are always covered, the system will also send instant alerts to your smart device when a perimiter or boundary is breached. 

The alarm systems incorporate smart features identifying any area breached and pinpointing where this has happened, including doors, rooms and windows. Included as standard with our fully wireless systems are other detection zones/ areas such as gardens, sheds, garages and outbuildings, due to the up-to-date technology that iConnect CCTV use, our equipment has strong capabilities to cover all areas under one system. 

Fully Monitored Systems

We specialise in all aspects of monitored systems, this can be self-monitoring via smart devices or one of our monitoring stations, giving you true peace of mind.

Monitoring stations - By teaming up with hand-picked monitoring stations across the UK, you can have a fully monitored system, giving you peace of mind whether you're on holiday or at home that there is instant response to any breached boundary or perimiter. Our team of professional security operators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and work with our customers to create a schedule of when your building needs further protecting and monitoring, this can be just for out-of-hours or for lone workers, 24 hours a day if needed.

Self-monitoring - With iConnect CCTV we give you the tools to be able to check-in on your home, business premises, stables, farm, factory, field etc. by yourself. This is self-monitoring. From the comfort of your sofa, sunbed or bedroom, wherever you may be, as long as you can connect to the internet, you can self-monitor. Feedback we have received from our customers has been extremely positive, this feature has revolutionised the way people work, live, holiday and spend their spare time (now with added peace of mind!). 

Our team are happy to discuss this with you further upon survey, email or telephone, please don't hesitate to enquire now! 

For customer feedback, reviews and testimonials please click here. 

Rural and Remote Systems

Due to the recent spike in rural crime, we have been contacted by many farm owners, machinery and contractors yards, livery yards and rural premises for a solution, with the large majority having a need to urgently install CCTV. In the wave of modern farming, technology has increased tenfold and the farming and remote communities are embracing modern CCTV and alarm systems, in a bid to gain back time and money, whilst giving added peace of mind. We have recently installed a solution in the Ribble Valley for a new robotic milking parlour, meaning Mr Hartley can keep a constant eye on his cows and robotic milking parlour from wherever he is, freeing him up to spend time with his wife and 1 year old daughter, attend farming events and get other jobs done around his ever-growing farm. Our rural and remote advanced CCTV, alarm and detection systems are giving a new direction to rural protection, offering full peace of mind to protect the family, property and possesions in these locations. We also provide where necessary, fully wireless CCTV systems so nothing is affected by large machinery/ livestock passing through yards, so you can go about your business worry-free, we also offer network systems giving the access via our own SIM and router systems.

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